Everything Parents Need to Know About Gaming

Are There Really Benefits From Esports?

See the joy these parents are experiencing as organized esports provides a positive growth environment for their son. “It does teach cognitive skills, but most importantly I see a difference in his overall behavior. His grades have improved significantly since last year.” - Testimonial and video from NASEF (Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations) esports club.


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Steve Young on Esports and Workforce Development

NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young speaks on the power of gaming and esports for skill development and career development.


Enroll your child in 1-on-1 esports coaching today!

Frequently Asked Questions

With the right practices and parental controls, the internet can be a very powerful and helpful tool to assist in your children's learning and growth.  Gaming is often a child's first experience with online spaces and an opportunity to learn safety and digital citizenship. Our Ghost Gaming Academy coaches are vetted and trained to help your child navigate online spaces.

Just like in the real world we should be nice online but also have a healthy amount of 'stranger danger'.  Most applications have parental controls, which will allow you to monitor and safeguard your children's activity online. It is also highly recommended to teach your children safe online practices, such as staying away from online chatrooms, never clicking on links sent by strangers, and only friending people that you know in-person.  Our Ghost Gaming Academy site will continue to be refreshed with resources to help parents and kids play safely.

Ghost Gaming Academy provides 1-on-1 esports coaching and an inclusive gaming environment.  Check out academy.ghostgaming.com for more information on coaching and resources.


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